The Net's #1 Casino Mythbuster!

All gamblers know the score - often, you walk in with your wallet full and walk out with a lighter one. There some secrets that the casino will never want you to know.

Here we present some of the secrets which are less known to many who frequent casinos, losing penny after penny. They come out only when they are high and dry, many times they are also drunk.

There is something called the house advantage, which anyone who walks into a casino should be familiar with. Any which way you look at it, you are most likely to lose against the house. Even by casino standards, there are some games which rip the customer off completely. There are certain games, where the chances of the player winning are almost nil.

This makes it an easy choice to stay away from the game. The problem is many people who walk in are either not aware of this fact or are too drunk to care about it. The carnival games, traditional ones such as the baccarat, black jack, craps are tilted to favour the house.

Others such as three-card poker & caribbean stud are developed with a huge favour for the house. People fall for these games because of the large payouts, the payouts can be as large as 250 to 1. They are not aware that there is just that much lower chance of winning such a game. Even the most sensible person could fall for this shark like traps in a casino.

Casinos Are Designed to Capture Your Attention

The entire design and setup ensures that you remain captivated in casinos. There is glamour and copious amounts of free alcohol, which makes you feel intoxicated with an adrenaline rush. It is a feeling that even the most staunch customers are not immune to. There are no windows or clocks in the casino, ensuring that your lose track of time. Also, there is so much to see and play that you lose track of the money that you are losing. There is absolutely no difference between day and night, the businesses continues without any disturbance.

The people on the counters move out after their shifts and there are fresh set of people who continue to entertain you. Many of the casinos put extra effort like creating dancing poles, stripper poles and party pits. These are sure ways to keep the men at the table. Some of these casinos have started to look like gentlemen’s club.

In many ways, modern casinos are as much about the entertainment and party atmosphere as they are about the actual gambling. It’s not just Vegas where things have gotten heady. All other casinos around the world have gone that extra mile to keep you in there for few extra hours. Until you exhaust all your money that is!

Why You Can't Cheat in Casinos

Although, US casinos are crowded places, there is enough security to keep an eye on you. Almost throughout your stay in the casino, you are being watched. If you are winning money, then you are surely being watched even more keenly. You cannot cheat in a casino; there are way too many experienced staff which will catch you simply by your body language. There are certain traits associated with those who walk in with a view of cheating. If two people are sitting close to each other, there is a high possibility that they are upto something unpleasant. If the security senses such a thing, they send their staffs who try to create space by squeezing themselves between the two. Extreme betting is another tell tale signs of cheating. If a person who has been betting not more than $100, suddenly ups his bet to $5000 - $10000, then he’s probably receiving information.